Friday, June 3, 2011

DAP eyes green toilet tender

GREEN TOILET : Work in progress for the pilot project at Saberkas night market. Visiting the site are members of the opposition, PAS and DAP.

MIRI : The Democratic Action Party (DAP) indicated its interest to participate in the Miri City Council’s (MCC) tender for its green toilet projects.

DAP Miri represented by its Piasau and Pujut assemblymen Alan Ling Sie Kiong and Fong Pau Teck, as well as Senadin branch chairlady Lim Su Kien, met with Miri mayor Lawrence Lai in a dialogue to discuss DAP’s interest to participate in the project on May 31.

“If we (DAP) can get our own expertise to do the green toilet project for a lower price of RM80,000 for the benefit of the public, it will be worthwhile doing,” said Lim, who proposed that MCC allow DAP the opportunity to participate by informing them directly when the next open tender exercise is held.

The mayor had welcomed the DAP to participate in their next tender exercise for their proposed green toilet projects if it would help MCC save some money.

The issue of the new green toilet being constructed for the Saberkas night market here at a reported price of more than RM120,000 was highlighted by the opposition in the press recently as being overpriced.

The MCC wanted a new green toilet concept to be implemented in line with the city’s vision to go green, and they are still waiting for the pilot project in Saberkas to be completed to examine its effectiveness.

Previously, Lai had pointed out that the most expensive component in the project was the unique tempered glass roof that allowed sunlight to enter for natural lighting but able to maintain privacy of the users inside.

Estimated at almost half the price of the project, the roof has to be specially shipped in for the project.

New tenders will normally be advertised on a two-week notice in the media, and on the notice boards of MCC and the Miri Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Since the MCC cannot give a definite date for the next tender yet, Lim requested that the MCC notify DAP Miri directly so that the DAP can have a chance to participate in a project they described as meaningful and beneficial to Miri.

by Chin Kee Leong

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