Sunday, May 8, 2011

A threat to Islam or are Christians being used to threaten PAS and Pakatan?

A few weeks ago PEMBELA held a demonstration protesting the return of the Alkitab to the Christians and said that Islam was under siege. The incident cooled off and was forgotten by the public. A few days ago another protest was launched reiterating the same topic: Islam is under Siege. The public looked on disdainfully and dismissed it without much hesitation.

Utusan reported a news item taken from a blog site that DAP wants to turn Malaysia into a Christian country and install a Christian prime minister. Sensational news indeed and a great scoop of investigative journalism by none other than Utusan. PEMBELA went on to announce that they were right. Islam is indeed under threat. Christians in this country may be a threat to National Security. By insisting on reading the Bible in Malay and uttering Allah’s name, which is still an offense in this country, Christians were accused of trying to convert Muslims to Christianity and this was a threat to Islam.

The Home Ministry went on to comment that this is a serious matter. PERKASA in turn went on to lodge a series of reports in every state, saying such outrageous matters were a threat to national security and the Police must investigate. Both PEMBELA and PERKASA also said that they weren’t extremists or emotional about it.

PEMBELA has singled out the Christians. But how can 10 per cent of the population in this country, i.e. those of Christian faith, be a threat to 60 per cent of Muslims in this country? Are Muslims that helpless to stop the advance of Christianity even though they outnumbers the Christians by 6 to 1?

Are Malay Muslims that weak in our faith that we will be easily confused and rush to embrace another faith eagerly? Has PEMBELA no faith in the Malay Muslims? Why does PEMBELA keep on embarrassing the true Muslims in this country this way?

What if the Christians agree to return the Malay Bibles to PEMBELA, and resort to English to study their holy Book? Will that not be a mockery to our National Language? What if they agree to utter their God’s name by a different name instead of Allah? Wouldn’t their God be angry, especially should it ever happen that their God might carry the same name as ours? If the Christians were to do all of the above, will PEMBELA be satisfied that they are no more a threat?

What if Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Hinduism, Bahai Faith and Sikhism also have their Holy Books in Malay? After all Bahasa Malaysia is the national language that supposedly unifies this country, and sooner or later most non-Malays will be forced to use this language in their everyday lives. Will PEMBELA later term them as a threat as well?

It is not right to call DAP is a Christian party. Many of the Chinese in DAP are Buddhists, and the Indians are mostly Hindus, while the Malays are Muslims. Why should DAP want to champion Christianity, let alone select a Christian Prime Minister? Doesn’t that sound preposterous and stupid? And if the accusations were so, wouldn't that go against the DAP's own secular nature? Shouldn’t PEMBELA investigate this matter thoroughly first before accusing DAP, and then realising later that someone is trying to pull PEMBELA’s legs? Or perhaps, PEMBELA is the one trying to pull everybody's legs!

Now that the controversy has been publicized nationwide, unconfirmed reports have surfaced that this matter will serve to antagonize innocent Malays themselves, all for the purpose of forcing PAS to unite with UMNO for the sake of Muslim Unity.

But how can PAS unite with UMNO? PAS subscribes to a strict Islamic way of life, so unlike UMNO. UMNO has been bending the religion to suit their political needs, and has many a time made a mockery of Islamic principles. They call themselves Muslims, but their thoughts and actions seem otherwise. So many Malays were disappointed with UMNO for this.

It is indeed true. Islam is under siege! When Islam is being made a mockery by Muslims themselves for personal gain, and being pitted against other Religions for the sake of creating undue tensions and ill-will, yes, Islam is under siege.

The Malays must see through this charade, and be very disappointed that our beloved Religion is once again used for creating tensions among the races. Muslims in this country have never harboured any ill feelings against non-Muslims. Please do not let any quarter try to distort this fact now.

Malays are actually fond of the Chinese, Indians and others. They are very comfortable to live amongst the different races. The non-Malays are a blessing in this country, and Malays have much to learn from them. Malays will continue to defend the Rights of Non-Muslims to worship. Won't we?

Time and time again, BN tries to destroy the peace by systematically tearing the races apart. They actually fear us more than they fear themselves, and by being disunited they can keep us under control. Without a united voice, they can go on doing what they do best, knowing full well, that we will be helpless to lift a finger to retaliate. Imagine, Racial and Religious controversies still cropping up in the 21st century in this country when we should be competing in a global economy, is really ridiculous.

Seriously, it is up to the real Muslim leaders now to dissolve this situation, and let’s hope and pray that they too can see through this smoke screen and make a stand.

The Malays and the Muslims in this country must also question why NOW? Why at this time, why so urgent that Utusan must seize on blog postings to drive up a frenzy? Is this another tool for the UMNO in the General Elections? Is this another means to force PAS to agree to a merger?

Boy, suddenly PAS is the bright-eyed boy in BN’s eyes. The unexpected saviour of BN. And should PAS drop a few hints of wanting to unite, you will see the sweet words come pouring forth like a fountain from BN’s mouth.

Immediately, this particular race-and-religious controversy will evaporate overnight. Of course, until the next round when the UMNO finds it expedient to manufacture a new scenario to manipulate the situation to its favour.

- Malaysia Chronicle
Written by Ismail Dahlan, Malaysia Chronicle

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