Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Anwar Ibrahim - why his enemies can't bring him down

During my younger days, I never liked this shady character: Anwar Ibrahim. I thought he was a big ass. His stint with ABIM and his fiery calls for change, coupled with his religious leanings left many wondering whether this firebrand was suited to be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia.

When he was charged for Sodomy and convicted for Corruption, it reinforced my conviction that this man deserved his fate. I even bade him “Good Riddance.” But those were the days, where the MSM reigned supreme, without any alternative media or Electronic Media. So everyone, including me was duped as the government continued their relentless persecution of this man. Until today, the Government has not given up trying to seal his fate.

Thinking back, Anwar really does have superhero qualities. When he was in jail, his family believed that his life was in danger and that he might be poisoned or injected with AIDS. His dice with death is extraordinary, and the extra long tentacles of the government still have not managed to put a dent to his credibility.

His fame keeps growing, and the continuous headline reports about him only serve to inflate his image. And the mega onslaught on his character only reinforces the people’s belief that Anwar is more innocent than guilty.

Sieving through the current leadership pool of this country, only Anwar has passed the test of time. He is one leader among the many wannabes, who has the qualities and the capability to lead this country. No one else in this country comes close. There is something about him, which no other leaders possess. ‘Credibility’ is the word.

He has that cool, suave demeanour about him. He comes across as an intellectual, able to carry across his message in a clear, concise and consistent manner. He can bridge the racial divide and appears credible among all races. His confident approachable manner emanates a certain charisma unlike the dead-fish glaze of some others. Even in UMNO, he commands a high respect among his peers and many would not think twice to lend him support.

He not only looks intelligent but sounds smart as well. Anyone who has met him, or listened to him wowing the crowd, knows that this guy is somehow different from the rest. It is only natural that his enemies fear him. Even infatuated Lovers, female or male, Umi Hafilda or Saiful, may have had sexual fantasies about him.

But sadly, he has many good friends from the past, who cannot accept that he is somehow - as far as the public is concerned - a better human being than themselves. So from envy, friendship turned to jealousy and then to hate.

In the past, he was the Finance Minister and even a Prime Minister in waiting. He ascended to heights that many could only dream of. His superiors viewed him as a threat. Those beneath him couldn’t accept he was somewhat different. He led a varied life. Even nearly beaten to a pulp, living with a spinal injury, his life until today is still a living hell, being accused of the most heinous of sexual crimes. Twice for unnatural sex and lately being allegedly videoed in a sex act that involved oral and natural sex.

Unable to pin more credible charges against him, his enemies resorted to tarnishing his image through triple X renderings of sordid sex. Malaysians got a free sex education in the process, learning new and different ways and routes of being probed, which we never dreamt existed. But even that still failed to tarnish the image of this man. From DNA profiling where he was CSI’ed to mass DVD circulation in the country, he has managed to hold on to his 'face'.

And now, most ridiculous of all: A Lie Detector Test!! Even a kid can tell you that the Lie Detector is the most unreliable machine operating in this world today. Built by a Liar who tested it on himself and found that it actually worked. Today, Lie Detector results are not admissible in any court of law.

Not the Police, mind you, but his accusers the Datuk T trio are actually asking him to take a Lie Detector Test!

Fresh from a disgraceful Koran swearing ceremony, while wearing bullet proof vests that failed to make any impact, the Trio has resorted to asking Anwar to do a lie detector test. Isn't this TS trio supposed to be locked up for distributing pornography? (By the way TS stands for the Three Stooges.)

When, is the government going to learn that: Nobody really cares whether Anwar is found innocent or guilty. Malaysians will not lose their respect for him, unlike in the case of Dr Mahathir.

All the highly publicized accusations against him only serves to lend him more credibility, more sympathy, more respect and more fame. It is doing wonders to his bloated superhero image. Faith and hope on this man, is at an all time high. Even if he is convicted, most will not believe that he is guilty. Most people already know that Anwar will be convicted, by hook or by crook.

Most Malaysians are really not bothered if he’s guilty or not. He has not committed any serious crime worthy of conviction. Convicting him will only anger the people, and it will lead to more sympathy for the Pakatan Rakyat cause that he represents.

Either way, he has won the bet. He happens to be more believable than any of the BN leaders put together. So it will be folly to ask Malaysians to choose.

- Malaysia Chronicle

Written by Iskandar Dzulkarnain, Malaysia Chronicle

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