Friday, May 6, 2011

Dzulkefly tutors Najib in 'world peace'

KUALA LUMPUR, May 6 : PAS's Kuala Selangor member of Parliament Dzulkefly Ahmad has poured scorn on prime minister Najib Razak over his reaction to news that the US's number one enemy Osama Ben Laden had been killed by saying the world would now be "more peaceful".

L-R: Dzulkefly Ahmad and Najib Razak

Dzulkefly said such a statement only showed Najib's ignorance about violence and terrorism and their roots.

"By right the PM should have said that the world will never be safe if US continues with its double-standards to support injustices in Middle East and Palestine even after Osama's death,” he said.

Describing Najib’s view as naïve and simplistic, Dzulkefly called on him to deepen his knowledge on geo-politics, saying that it was the US's advocating of terrorism which breeded Osama as a counter reaction.

“PM is polishing US and (Barrack) Obama’s shoe too much. Islam rejects all forms of violence. One must understand why violence continues to happen,” he told Harakahdaily.

Dzulkefly said US policies and actions had led to injustices, both through its action of supplying and arming dictators with weapons of mass destruction as well as its pro-Zionist policies in the Middle East.

He urged Najib to be more mindful of sensitivities in the Middle East and Palestine, where Western powers had allowed injustices against people there.

He also reminded Najib that Osama, who the US sided with when he fought alongside the Afghan mujahidin against the invading Russians in the 1980s, decided to turn around after the war due to US double standards.

"It is indeed pathetic that there are Muslim leaders willing to ingratiate the US in their eagerness to get an invitation to White House. They are an embarrassment to Muslims," said Dzulkefly, adding that Najib must retract his statement and apologise to Muslims worldwide.


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