Sunday, June 5, 2011

PAS rubbishes claims of DAP-PKR influence in new line-up

PAS leaders say that outsiders have no credibility to interpret the party's election results.
GOMBAK : PAS leaders today brushed aside comments that the new progressive line up of leaders are more pro-Anwar Ibrahim and that the Islamic party had compromised on its Islamic principles.

“Outsiders have no credibility to interpret what happens in the the party internally,” said Youth wing chief Nasharudin Hasan Tantawi who retained his post uncontested in the party’s polls.

“These people have always made these kinds of allegations since a long time ago. Let PAS handle the party’s domestic issues,” he said in a press conference at the sideline of the party’s muktamar.

Umno leader Mukhriz Mahathir had yesterday sarcastically congratulated DAP and PKR for “managing to influence PAS to the extend that non-ulamaks were voted as the deputy and vice presidents”.

He added that this reflected that PAS was a party that was not free from influences that are contrary to the teachings of Islam.

He was further quoted as saying in a Bernama report that the new party line-up did not have many ulamaks and this may jeopardise its plan to establish an Islamic state.

Utusan senior editor Zulkiflee Bakar also shared Mukhriz’s sentiments in his editorial in Mingguan Malaysia today.

Nasharudin dismissed these claims by arguing that the partnership with DAP and PKR was a political partnership approved by the party’s religious council, Majlis Syurah, adding that ulamaks were not being sidelined.

Nasharudin who is widely seen to belong to the ulamak group added: “Ask Mukhriz to take care of matters within Umno first. Why not take care of Umno-MCA relationship? MCA is also quite vocal in criticizing Islam.”

Newly elected vice-president Husam Musa also scoffed at these claims, saying that they were merely “illusions”.

“These guys make conflicted statements all the time that they themselves are confused,” said Husam who is widely perceived to be from the professional camp.

“They will say one thing today and another tomorrow. It is merely momentary comments which are illusions. We do not need to take heed of it,” he told FMT.

In what is considered a ‘historic’ election, delegates yesterday voted in more progressives and professionals into key posts.

Four of the top party position- deputy president (Mohamad Sabu) and the three vice president positions (Mahfuz Omar, Salehuddin Ayub, Husam Musa) are all said to be from the professional or ‘Erdogan’ group.

Tarani Palani FMT

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