Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mat Sabu : Make Bersih rally a success

The newly elected deputy president received a resounding thunder of approval when he asked if the delegates will march on July 9 to seek a clean and fair elections.
GOMBAK : PAS today passed a motion urging all party members to join a rally planned by the Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (Bersih 2.0) on July 9.

The motion, passed during the Islamic party’s muktamar, also urged all Pakatan Rakyat party machineries and NGOs to make the rally a success.

“Our president in recent speeches said that he wants around 300,000 PAS members to attend the gathering.

“PAS will work together with other political parties and NGOs in order to make this rally as success so that we can hold a clean and fair election,” said newly elected deputy president Mohamad Sabu who proposed the motion.

“We who love peace will make sure that the coming general election is conducted fairly. We will work to make the ‘Walk for Democracy’ a success. Do you agree?” asked Mohamad, who is better known as Mat Sabu.

The delegates enthusiastically answered his call with an assuring, “Setuju!” (We agree!)

Mat Sabu said that the previsous demands from Bersih were yet to be fufilled and that there were many concerns about the conduct of the coming general election.

He added that a major concern was the alleged use of foreign workers as Barisan Nasional voters.

To highlight the matter, Mat Sabu gave the example of Terengganu where there was an increase in voter registration by a whopping 17% from the period of 1999-2004.

“If a political party is active in canvassing votes, it will only get an increase of voters between 4-7%. The whopping increase shows that the Election Commision and the police are working hand in glove with the Barisan government,” he said.

“Now this is happening in Selangor. If the registrations of foreigners continue, it is not sure if we can win back Selangor,” he said, adding that it had to be prevented.

PKR women’s wing chief Zuraidah Kamaruddin had recently claimed that Umno’s Hulu Selangor division had applied for 2,000 foreign workers to be given citizenship to enable them to vote in the constituency in the coming election. Representative from the Hulu Selangor Umno branch has denied that allegation.

Mat Sabu’s motion was seconded by the party’s ulama wing whose representative said: “Don’t leave your husbands or wives at home. Bring them along to Kuala Lumpur for the march”.

“The ulama wing supports the motion fully because without real action, whatever that we have propagated in our speeches will merely be speeches,” said the representative.

Tarani Palani FMT

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