Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Taib’s boys want Siah put under ‘house arrest’

Several PBB divisions have lodged police
reports against Movement of Change Sarawak
and its chief Francis Siah for demandin
 for the resignation of CM Taib.

KUCHING : Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB), fearful of the Movement of Change Sarawak’s (MoCS) threat to mobilise a massive demonstration against Chief Minister Taib Mahmud if he does not step down by Aug 13, wants the Home Ministry to put the movement’s founder Francis Siah under ‘house-arrest’.

PBB Kuching Youth wing spokesman, Wan Hamzah Wan Paie said the “wing will report Francis Siah to Hishammuddin Hussein (Home Minister) for his subversive elements.

“We want the police to put Siah under house arrest as he has the intention to instigate hatred and cause riots which is similar to the Middle-east demonstrations.”

Hamzah said the party was giving Siah seven days to retract his demand for Taib to resign, failing which legal action will be taken against Siah.

“Siah’s demand could disrupt peace and harmony in the state. We are giving him seven days to withdraw his statement,” he said.

Wan Hamzah, who is also Deputy Dewan Rakyat speaker Wan Jundiai Jaafar’s private secretary, was speaking to reporters after lodging a police report against Siah.

The report is one of several lodged against the MoCS chief following his demand that Taib step down or face a public protest.

“Siah is making a dangerous and subversive statement that can cause riots in the streets,” he said, referring to the intention of the MoCS leader to organise a peaceful demonstration with 200,000 people.

‘Siah a mole’

Describing the plan as dirty, Wan Hamzah said the wing is against it and calls on the police and other relevant authorities to investigate the movement and where it was receiving its funds from.

“They must investigate who is financing his plan. Siah could be a mole of western organisations,” he added.

Meanwhile PBB Youth Samaharan Youth wing has also lodged a similar report against Siah and MoCS at the Kota Samaharan police station.

Some 30 members of the Samaharan led by its leader Hamzah Brahim lodged the report, while in Bintulu PBB youth chief Pandi Suhaili also lodged a police report against Siah.

Pandi said that MoCS’ action was against the aspiration and the wish of the people who have chosen BN as the state government, expressing the hope that the police would immediately take action against MoCS and its leader.

“Siah’s intention to organise street demonstrations is a serious matter,” added Pandi who is also PBB Bintulu zone chief.

Joseph Tawie FMT

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