Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Rich Datuk" Bung and Zizie drive back into the limelight

Contrary to speculation, Bung Mokhtar's voluptous actress wife Zizie Ezette is not the reason behind his sexist comments about women's driving that earned him a flea in the ear from ladies all around the globe.

According to Zizie, the Kinabatangan MP has full confidence in her behind the wheel. But despite a busy lifestyle which includes ferrying Bung around town, she has no intention to quit her acting career just because she "married a rich Datuk".

The glamorous couple have been hot news since their controversial marriage, which at one time was declared illegal and Bung nearly had to go to jail for committing polygamy without consent.

In the end, he managed to escape with a RM1,000 fine.

Driving and leaking comments that still rankle

Soon after, his sexist comments about women's driving got him into trouble again.

“Some women drivers drive slowly and seem oblivious to traffic. When you honk at them, they get agitated with some even showing hand gestures to other drivers,” Bung had said during a parlimentary debate in March.

Those comments not only won him notoriety in Malaysia and his Sabah home-state but all over the world. It was among the hottest pieces of news flashed across the international wires, landing even in the US newspapers.

But Zizie, who at 33 is almost 20 years younger than her husband, seems to has full confidence in him.

"I had no idea that being married to an MP could be so tough. We've got to catch a 5 am flight to his kampung and meet his villagers. I've also got to drive him around town whenever he's in KL because he trusts my driving," Star reported her as saying on Monday.

Zizie also said not to believe what the Malay papers have written about her.

"It hurts when people say I've quit showbiz because I married a rich Datuk," she said. "It's got nothing to do with the amount of money I have. I'm dedicated to my art."

But not everyone shared Zizie's rose-tinted view of her husband.

For many, Bung's 'driving' remarks and another previous insult that women "leaked" every month - in an allusion to the faulty piping in Parliament - still rankles.

“He is always cooking up excuses,” Borneo Post reported social activist Anne Keyworth as saying.

"We do not need a politician like him and it is a shame that this kind of person is representing the people of Sabah in the Parliament.”

- Malaysia Chronicle

Written by Melissa Lee, Malaysia Chronicle

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