Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kit Siang explains 'soft spot' for SNAP over merger idea

KUCHING, Apr 26 : DAP advisor has sought to allay concerns among Pakatan Rakyat colleagues over his proposal that Sarawak-based SNAP merge with DAP.

“This I find it difficult to understand. The suggestion of a DAP-SNAP merger is to strengthen and consolidate Pakatan Rakyat gains in Sarawak and not to weaken or undermine them,” Lim said on misgivings by several PR leaders over the idea.

Saying the suggestion was only in the "preliminary" stage, Lim said he was still in discussion with DAP Sarawak.

"If we decide that the idea is worth exploring, then we should continue to take serious note of bona fide comments, criticisms and feedback from all quarters, as at the ripe time, the DAP will have to discuss the proposal at the Pakatan Rakyat level with the other PR leaders,” he said.

He expressed confidence that the move would benefit PR as it could put a stop to multi-cornered fights in elections.

"I had broached the idea of a possible DAP-SNAP merger not only to learn from the lessons of the Sarawak general elections to avoid multi-cornered contests but also to accelerate the mobilization and political awakening of Sarawakians for the 13th general elections expected any time,” he said in a statement.

Saying the 2006 Sarawak general election had paved the way for the March 8 'tsunami' in 2008 when BN was denied its two third majority in the general elections, Lim (left) said DAP and PR's success in doubling their share of the Sarawak state assembly on April 16 could herald another wave of change in other states.

“The idea of a DAP-SNAP merger was conceived as one important measure to take the '416 Ubah' political awakening in Sarawak to its full flush of victory in the next national elections,” argued Lim, referring to the DAP election slogan for change in the just-concluded state elections.

He also admitting to having a soft spot for SNAP due to his past association with SNAP, but said realising the idea was entirely up to SNAP leaders.

“If the SNAP leadership does not support the proposal of a DAP-SNAP merger, then that is the end of the proposal."

On prime minister Najib Razak's comment that the proposal would not take off, Lim asked whether the UMNO president "know something which others do not know".


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