Saturday, May 7, 2011

Taib’s ‘cabinet of oldies’ irks PAS Youth

The new Sarawak cabinet is a ‘puppet’ cabinet manned by those who are loyalists and ‘yes men’ to Taib, cries state PAS Youth chief.
KUCHING : Chief Minister Taib Mahmud’s newly re-instated state cabinet has come under scathing attack from the state PAS youth wing which has described it as a “cabinet of oldies” and at the “expense of capable younger leaders”.

Youth chief Mohammad Arifiriazul said that reinstating the old leadership meant Taib was not stepping down anytime soon.

“This cabinet of oldies is a clear sign from Sarawak BN that it does not care and does not appreciate the importance of young Sarawakians in developing the state.

“Sarawak BN has retained few notoriously self-centred politicians simply to ensure that the various cases of corruption and abuse of power that have tainted their long reign in the state can be concealed.

“The new Sarawak cabinet is a ‘puppet’ cabinet manned by those who are loyalists and ‘yes men’ to Taib.

“This is a tragic loss to the state and to the people of Sarawak as a whole,” said Mohammad in reference to May 3 swearing of the 12 assistant ministers into the state cabinet.

At the time Taib had reportedly said that the cabinet line-up was ‘a temporary measure” pending a reshuffle. But he also said that he was “not ready yet (for a cabinet reshuffle).”

Earlier on April 18, two days after the state election, eight former state ministers, who were re-elected were sworn in as members of the new state cabinet.

The ministers are Alfred Jabu, Amar Abang Johari Openg, Awang Tengah Ali Hasan, Michael Manyin, James Masing, William Mawan, Wong Soon Koh and Fatimah Abdullah.

Political gimmick

In a statement yesterday, Mohammad said Taib’s comment about not being’ready’ for a cabinet reshuffle was yet another indication that his promise to resign after the state election is “nothing more than a cheap political gimmick.”

“We are very disappointed with CM’s antiquated political game which is very much Machiavellian and self-centred.

“His decision comes at the expense of giving opportunities for new, capable young leaders within Sarawak BN to further flourish in service of the state,” he said.

He said that in view of the mega-development initiatives which are being announced, there is an urgent need for Sarawak’s youth population to be involved with the state development programmes at all levels.

“The government must get the youth involved at all levels of these mega development initiatives, not only at the bottom receiving end, but more importantly, at the state leadership level.

“Their fresh views and vibrant approaches are pivotal to make the success of the projects, a reality,” he said.

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