Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sex tape : Anwar may reveal identity of the man with "big stomach, saggy breasts"

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim dropped a bombshell during an online chat session on Yahoo news, saying he might reveal the identity of the man in a sex video that Prime Minister Najib Razak's party insists is him.

“I have some suspects; big stomach and saggy breasts," Anwar told Yahoo readers who logged in to chat with him in a 75-minute session.

When faced with questions popped by some who were clearly out to embarrass him, the cool and quick-thinking Anwar refused to budge.

He insisted that there was no reason for him to defend himself when he had done no wrong.

For weeks, after it became clear that the professionally-shot tape showing a man with skin colour much fairer than Anwar, much heavier and burlier than the frail 64-year old Anwar, Umno leaders including the police have tried their best to bait him.

Their purpose appear to be a bid to prolong the impression that it was Anwar committing adultery with a prostitute.

The latest attack came a day ago, when controversial and newly-promoted deputy Inspector General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar suddenly 'pleaded' to the public not to "force" the police to reveal the identity of the man in the tape.

On the same day, at a different venue, Umno information chief Ahmad Maslan also held a press conference challenging Anwar to hire his own experts if he doubted the authenticity of the tape.

Today, it came as no suprise when an online reader Nik Abdul asked, “Datuk Seri: How is your opinion when expert from South Korea and US confirm that individual from sex tape seems like your face? Do you think that is conspiracy too?”

Anwar replied, “Typical example how smart guys like you can be duped by Umno media. Which expert? Why can’t they be transparent?”

Authentic, so what? Is the man Anwar?
As Anwar and many other Pakatan Rakyat leaders have repeatedly pointed out, the tape may be authentic but is the man Anwar?

That has not stopped Umno from pursuing its own train of logical thought and they have insisted that by virtue of the tape being authentic, then that man must be Anwar.

This is the implication that police No. 2 Khalid, accused of lying and covering up the custodial death of car theft suspect Kugan Ananthan in 2009, had given recently.

His boss, IGP Ismail Omar - who was admitted to the hospital recently for 'exhaustion' - had also tried to curry political favour with Umno.

Ismail had created a brouhaha over an Omega watch surrended by the Datuk T trio, who had 'discovered' the video and allegedly found it in the hotel room where the sexcapade had been filmed.

Another Yahoo reader, Dr MiM, asked, “DSAI, what is the rationale of avoiding a simple ‘show your Omega watch’ to the press and public? Logically, this simple move will ease your moral issues.”

But again, Anwar stuck to his ground. Not only has he denied any involvement, he has already lodged a police report demanding a thorough probe.

“What is the issue? First, Eskay claimed that it was given by a Saudi prince. Then, it was bought in Taiwan in 2004 (when I was in jail). Why is there the need for me to explain?" responded Anwar.

He was referring to businessman Shazryl Eskay Abdullah, who together with other Umno members - former Malacca chief minister Rahim Thamby Chik and Perkasa treasurer Shuaib Lazim - called themselves the Datuk T trio.

Until now, the three men have not revealed exactly where they came across the video which they have since surrenderred to the police. They had tried to annonymously screen the tape to a group of journalists, demanding that Anwar and his wife PKR president resign within a week or face further exposure.

However, their cover was blown by PKR investigators and they were forced to confess that they were behind the tape's screening. But depite this being a crime punishable by up to 5 years in jail, the police have delayed arresting or charging them.

Instead, Ismail and Khalid appear to have been roped in by Umno to prolong the conspiracy and bait Anwar using all ways and means.

- Malaysia Chronicle
Written by Wong Choon Mei, Malaysia Chronicle

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