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RM30mil and souring ties

Monday, 23 November 2009 19:49

KUALA LUMPUR – The prime minister’s younger brother, Nazir Abdul Razak and his wife, Azalina Aziz, are alleged to control shares worth RM30mil in CIMB.

PKR vice-president Badrul Hisham Shaharin claimed in his blog that he received this information from a CIMB staff.

He said based on a 2008 CIMB audit report, Nazir owns 28,253,261 units of shares while Azalina has 400,000 units.

“This means the couple has, between them, 28,353,261 units which, in terms of cash value, had surely exceeded RM30mil by the end of the financial year as at Dec 31, 2008.

“This is not inclusive of the shares that have been disposed or sold off, valued at about RM1mil,” added Badrul, known as ‘CheGubard’ on the blog.

Badrul said Nazir, whose elder brother is Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, and Azalina should clarify how they came about owning the shares in CIMB.

Souring ties

The shares issue has come amid speculations of souring relations between Malaysia and some Western nations, over questions if Malaysian banks were involved in arms sales to the Communist regimes in North Korea and Myanmar.

It had been earlier reported that US president Barrack Obama had contacted Najib to advise him not to get Malaysian banks involved in any arms deals with the two countries.

Commenting on this, Badrul said Najib was reportedly defensive about Malaysian banks and this has given rise to questions if CIMB was one of the banks implicated in the issue.

“Under Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (Najib’s predecessor) Scomi, owned by his son, was implicated in transactions involving nuclear weapons used by a terror network.

“It looks like there is not much difference under Najib,” said Badrul, who also alleged that CIMB was involved in a contract with an Israel-based computer company that is directly involved in the Zionist regime’s defence against Palestine. He claimed the contract was worth RM250mil.

Personal call from Obama

In a related development, PAS news portal Harakah said some media companies overseas had reported that Obama had personally called on Najib regarding the issue of Malaysian banks.

The paper said two English-language media in Korea had written that Obama had asked Najib to clarify if any Malaysian banks were involved in any arms sales to North Korea and Myanmar.

Harakah added that the issue had soured the diplomatic ties between Malaysia and Western countries opposed to the two Communist regimes. – Malaysian Mirror.

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